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State Car Accident Data Alert

Petaluma car accident attorneys were alarmed to read a news report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announcing a significant rise is traffic deaths throughout the state. This most recent study, showing a traffic death toll of 3,104 in 2013, should concern all drivers in Petaluma. Car crash attorneys at Sette Law are aware that our community is at risk due to our high commuter traffic and our location. More drivers on our roadways logically means the threat of increased Petaluma car crashes is imminent. Drivers and others are vulnerable to a Petaluma car accident, attorneys observe, because NHTSA has identified four major reasons that car accident deaths have significantly risen, 13 percent in California and 10 percent nationwide over the past three years.

Drivers of Accident Data are Present in Petaluma
Rising car accident incidents, attorneys report, are partly a response to the return of a healthier economy. The NHSTA study indicated that the end of the Great Recession also marked increased traffic on America’s roadways – meaning even more visitors driving through Petaluma. Car crash attorneys are aware of a flurry of serious accidents in and around Petaluma. Car accident injuries and deaths were traced to drivers traveling the wrong way on freeways, driving under the influence, distracted drivers and other causes. Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers want to alert the community to this troubling trend and take a look at the causes in greater detail. Interestingly, our Petaluma personal injury attorneys say that traffic officials point to “life style changes” and technology as contributors to high car accident statistics.

Among the top sources of acceleration in accidents, according to NHTSA, is the growing popularity of motorcycles – a favorite recreational ride around Petaluma. Car accident injury, attorneys point out, are usually far more severe for people on motorcycles who are usually on the losing end of any Petaluma car crash. Attorneys say that post-recession spending included a rise in purchases of the big touring-style bikes favored by older riders. Unfortunately, these hefty bikes are hard to control and a crash can inflict a very serious Petaluma car accident injury. Attorneys say that, nationally, incidents of motorcycle accidents have been rising since 2010.

The same is true of bicyclists who sustain Petaluma car crash injuries. Our attorneys know that bicycling throughout our beautiful Wine Country and Coastal regions is highly popular. And the NHTSA report indicates that bicycling is also another troubling contributor to the increase in accident injuries and deaths. When it comes to a Petaluma car accident injury, our attorneys know that the bicyclist will almost always suffer the most severe harm. When out touring our winding country roads, we urge bicyclists to exert extreme caution in Petaluma.

Personal injury attorneys are particularly watching the data concerning our newest threat to safety on the roadways – distracted driving in Petaluma. Car accident attorneys know this phenomenon has grown exponentially, as technology hands us all more ways to communicate, wherever we are.  As throughout the nation, Petaluma car crash injuries will only rise as new apps let us run so many aspects of our lives from a tiny screen that fits in one hand. But, in most instances, it’s not legal in California and Petaluma. Personal injury attorneys believe that state law still has to catch up with the multiple use of apps that contribute to distracted driving in Petaluma. Car accident attorneys, for example, report that looking at map apps or even Face Book isn’t yet addressed in laws that prohibit other kinds of cell phone use.

Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers say that it’s a challenge for traffic officials to really assess cell phone usage by drivers. Not all drivers admit to using these devices while driving around California and in Petaluma and related car crash injuries are not attributed to distracted driving. According to the Office of Traffic Safety, just 9.2 percent of drivers say they have been distracted by electronics while driving. Our Petaluma personal injury attorneys suspect the real number is much higher.  Car accident data, attorneys say, is hard to gather, and data is what drives the development of traffic laws.

Driving under the influence is yet another factor in Petaluma car crash injuries. Attorneys regard this behavior as particularly heinous because DUI accidents are entirely preventable in Petaluma. Car crash injury increases, attorneys say, as alcohol is no longer the only source of intoxication and impairment for drivers in Petaluma. Car accidents due to marijuana use are an increasing concern, as is the use of prescription drugs. Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers are interested in tracking data from states that have legalized recreational marijuana. With that information, California traffic officials could create reasonable DUI laws to prevent accident increase throughout California and all around Petaluma.

Car Accident Attorneys Support Strict Enforcement in Petaluma
Car accident injuries, our attorneys believe, would be reduced with strong enforcement of laws and public education that protect drivers in Petaluma. Personal injury lawyers recall that the introduction of seat belts was initially met with resistance. But, with increased fines and active enforcement of the law, seat belts were accepted. Now, the OTS says 97 percent of drivers use seat belts. Petaluma car crash injuries fell significantly, like they did throughout the nation, because of this innovation, education and acceptance. Petaluma personal injury attorneys at Sette Law believe the same kind of educational outreach, coupled with strict enforcement, could impact the growing distracted driving statistics and diminish DUI accidents in Petaluma.

Personal Injury Attorneys Look to Turn the Trend in Petaluma
Rising car accident injuries have our attorneys’ attention. We know that Petaluma car crash injuries will continue to happen, but we believe the upward trend can be reversed. Particularly when it comes to Petaluma car accident injuries that are preventable – and originate with irresponsible behavior such as distracted driving and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers want our families and others in the community to remain safe on our streets and roadways. As car accident attorneys in Petaluma it’s our job to help victims rebound from losses after an accident and as members of the community it also our responsibility to help prevent Petaluma Car accident injuries.

Keeping Kids Safe from Petaluma Car Crash Injuries

As a friendly and close knit community, personal injury attorneys at Sette law share a desire to foster safety in Petaluma. Car accident injuries are among the most common cases our Petaluma injury lawyers encounter in our legal practice. We know the pain and expense a car crash injury can cause, but when children are the victims, our car accident attorneys are particularly concerned. Like parents throughout Petaluma, personal injury lawyers at Sette cannot bear to see a youngster in pain. So, as the school year commences, we will devote this Blog to information about how to keep our young people safer from Petaluma car accidents and injuries.

With frequent exposure to the details of car crash injuries, our attorneys have concluded that many are preventable and would not have occurred if motorists had been adhering to traffic laws in Petaluma. Personal injury lawyers know that just one lapse of a safety regulation can change a life forever with tragic car accident injuries. Our lawyers know that a neglectful driver can never ‘take back’ a moment of carelessness, and regret may last a lifetime. Here are some very basic (but important) traffic regulations to help keep children safer from Petaluma car accident injuries.

Our attorneys start with our youngest – babies and toddlers. To protect these tiny passengers from car crash injuries the State of California requires drivers transporting children under the age of eight to ride in an approved car seat or booster seat secured in the back seat. Petaluma injury lawyers say that nationwide data shows that car seats do, in fact, prevent car crash injuries. As local personal injury attorneys we are pleased to observe this rule seems to be followed by drivers transporting children in Petaluma.

Car Accident lawyers add that the state does allow for some exceptions to this rule, such as a medical condition prohibiting a child from riding in the back seat, of if the restraints in back seats do not work. Parents are advised to check DMV regulations regarding exceptions for children in Petaluma. But personal injury attorneys urge drivers to follow the letter of the law to keep their youngest passengers safe from serious car accident injuries. Lawyers recall that drivers may occasionally think a short trip to, say, the grocery store, might not pose a risk of a serious car accident. But attorneys are well aware that most accidents do happen within a few miles of a driver’s home.

Yet another threat to young passenger safety is the nation’s newest scourge – distracted driving through use of electronic devices. Our Petaluma personal injury attorneys regularly observe drivers checking cell phones and texting while driving, though these practices are clearly forbidden by law. Talking on a cell phone is, of course, permitted if the driver has hands free technology. However, experienced car crash lawyers know that many studies have shown that any use of a cell phone while driving raises the risk of a car accident. Lawyers say the texting rule is very specific and includes prohibition of reading texts, writing them and sending test messages. Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers add that sending emails and instant messages is also against the law. Furthermore, teen drivers are specifically prohibited from use of any electronic devices, including hands-free calling.

To end this dangerous distracted driving in Petaluma, our injury and car accident attorneys say the job must be done as a matter of community conscience. Fines for distracted driving are not very high, so personal injury attorneys say that financial loss may not be a big motivator.

Another risk to young people is young drivers themselves. According to national statistics, teen drivers pose the most risks in Petaluma. Car accident lawyers say the high incidence of car crash injury caused by teenage drivers is no mystery. The human brain (including the capacity for judgment) develops well in the 20s and our injury lawyers point out that most teens are not yet equipped to make driving decisions. Fortunately, relatively new state regulations help prepare teens to drive more safely in Petaluma. Personal injury attorneys report that a program called Graduated Diver Licensing in now in effect for teen drivers. This involves driver education and training, along with requirements that prevent teens from swiftly moving from permit to license in Petaluma. Car Accident lawyers remember when simply passing a few tests was almost sufficient to get a full-fledged license at the age of 16. Now, our personal injury attorneys say that law has paired up with science and accident data to make roads safer in California and in Petaluma.

Car crash injury attorneys say that cars can pose a danger to children even when they are not moving in traffic in Petaluma. Our injury lawyers recall the tragic deaths that have occurred when drivers left young children in a locked car in the summer’s sun. Current California state law prohibits drivers from locking children, age six or less, inside a car in hot weather or if a car’s engine is running. Petaluma accident attorneys wish that common sense would prevail and such laws were not necessary. But, as personal injury attorneys we have seen the harm done to children when adults fail to be responsible.

Yet another common sense protection cited by our Petaluma car accident attorneys is a prohibition against smoking in automobiles when a child is a passenger. Smoking, of course, may not present an imminent danger to passengers, but our personal injury lawyers are well aware of the potential health effects with repeated exposure to second-hand smoke.

Keeping young people safe on the streets and roadways is a goal that our personal injury attorneys feel is attainable. As adult drivers we have the ability to make sound judgments to protect the youngest and most vulnerable in beautiful Petaluma. Our car crash injury lawyers strongly urge the drivers in our community to follow the letter of the law when it comes to traffic. Our experience as car accident attorneys makes us keenly aware that just one lapse in attention can prove to be a deadly decision.

Stockton Accident Attorneys review State Laws

 Stockton personal injury attorneys at Sette Law want drivers to be aware of state laws that may impact legal actions following car accidents. Attorneys say many people are not aware that all drivers of vehicles must have insurance, throughout California and in Stockton. Injury attorneys know that drivers, whether they are licensed, unlicensed or driving with an expired license are required to have insurance at least at minimum levels. Uninsured drivers involved in an accident risk losing their driver’s licenses for 12 months, according to Stockton accident attorneys.

Policies must cover the owner as well as people who may be driving their car. Our Stockton injury lawyers say state law requires $15,000 minimum coverage for death or injury and $5000 for property damaged in a Stockton car accident.  Our attorneys explain that it’s the insurer who pays damages awarded in a lawsuit related to a car accident.

Further, our injury lawyers explain that many accident lawsuits are not open and shut actions. Personal injury attorneys assist people harmed due to an accident – that harm may be medical costs, vehicle damage, income loss and, even, legal costs. In the case of a tragic death, Stockton injury lawyers can help families through a wrongful death lawsuit – gaining compensation for losses of love, financial support and future companionship. But, to provide this service to accident victims, our Stockton injury lawyers must meet a very high bar of proof that the accident directly caused the losses claimed.

Accident attorneys work to establish that a defendant failed to demonstrate reasonable duty of care that resulted in the Stockton car accident. Our lawyers say that plaintiffs often feel the cause of their accident is perfectly clear, but our Stockton injury attorneys remind clients that the defendant will also be represented by an injury lawyer who may argue that injuries were pre-existing or happened post-accident. If the debate is intense and can’t be resolved, it’s possible Stockton personal injury lawyers may end up pleading the case in front of a jury.

In addition, accident attorneys often face harsh questioning about the injury client from the defense. For example, a defense lawyer may allege the plaintiff did not get prompt medical care after the Stockton accident. Our attorneys must establish details such as this well before a case goes to trial. Or, the defense may claim the plaintiff apologized after the car accident. Injury lawyers know this is a tactic to create shared responsibility for the plaintiff’s injury. The attorney may even seek to shift blame entirely. Our Stockton personal injury lawyers must anticipate all these approaches and more to effectively represent our personal injury clients.

Our accident attorneys say personal injury actions are anything but “slam-dunk” and require deep legal expertise. Our Stockton accident attorneys know that most drivers are not naturally aware of the complexities of legal actions as the outcome of a car accident. Attorneys like ours have invested decades of education and experience to understand and navigate the legal system that manages California’s personal injury process. Lawyers at Sette Law stand ready to help accident victims recover financially and move forward.

Stockton Truck Accidents alarm Injury Lawyers

In our niche of Central California there is one unavoidable traffic factor - trucks and big rigs are ever-present on freeways surrounding Stockton. Truck accidents attorneys at Sette Law deal with many victims, from truck drivers themselves to people injured in a truck accident. Our lawyers know that such accidents often result in very serious injury owing to the weight and size of big rigs. Even though the trucking industry is well regulated and motorists become accustomed to heavy truck traffic on our freeways, we continue to experience a significant number of Stockton truck accidents. Our attorneys support greater safety and awareness from both motorists and truckers traveling highways 99 and 5 through Stockton.

Accident lawyers say the CHP tracks trucking accidents, and their findings demonstrate the serious nature of road safety in California and in Stockton. Truck accidents, attorneys report, have remained fairly steady from 2008 to 2012, according to CHP figures. Approximately 7,500 to 8,700 people have been killed or injured each year in truck accidents. Our attorneys add that this figure is likely somewhat low because some truck accidents go unreported. But, our Stockton accident lawyers say the CHP data shows some positives for Stockton where truck accidents are far lower than in some other regions of California. For example, our Stockton accident lawyers point out, Los Angeles County logged ten times as many truck accidents as did San Joaquin County.
Nonetheless, if you or a loved one are involved in a Stockton truck accident, attorneys know comparative figures offer little comfort for personal pain. So, like many people, our accident lawyers look at ways to prevent Stockton truck accidents. Attorneys know that, sometimes, driver behavior – for both motorists and truckers – contributes to Stockton accidents. Lawyers, for example, have had to deal with long distance truckers affected by too little sleep and too many hours on the road. Of course, the trucking industry has established rules to mitigate against driving with too little rest. But our Stockton accident lawyers know that deadlines and pressure to deliver goods sometimes motivates truckers to maximize their driving.

Of course, our truck accident attorneys also recognize that big rig drivers face hazards of their own. Every year, about 600 truck drivers nationwide are killed – some because of fuel fires and others due to accidents. Our lawyers also point out that truckers may face several health problems from inhaling toxic fumes among other inherent hazards. Stockton accident and injury lawyers acknowledge industry efforts make trucking safer. It’s important for motorists to realize that truck driving is a demanding and strenuous skills. For example, our accident lawyers say that truckers must learn to signal turns well in advance of the maneuver to alert cars. In addition, motorists likely don’t realize how long it takes for a truck to stop due to its great weight. Stockton truck accident lawyers are keenly aware of this due to the speed vehicles travel on our two major freeways. In addition, truckers must resist frequent lane changes. Accident lawyers say truckers are aware that their “blind spots” are large. But, motorists may not share their awareness and make an unwise maneuver that causes a serious Stockton accident.

Our attorneys say responsibility for safety has to be shared. Motorists need to respect the challenges of driving a big rig and the nature of the vehicle itself – extremely heavy, very long and potentially deadly in an accident. Our attorneys advise motorists to be prepared for an emergency on the roads surrounding Stockton. Accident attorneys say that crashes, particular one involving a truck, are seldom anticipated but some simple preparation can make a bad situation better for drivers in Stockton. Our injury attorneys say that carrying a simple first aid kit, a blanket and flares is smart planning. In addition, our accident lawyers say drivers should have a hammer to break window glass and an implement to cut through a seatbelt. Of course, motorists should have a flashlight ready for emergencies in Stockton.

Accident attorneys at Sette Law also advise motorists on smart behavior after an accident. Medical attention, of course, is primary. Then, if it’s safe, victims should use a cell phone to record photos of the Stockton accident scene. Attorneys know that this kind of evidence can be extremely useful in court. An accident involving a truck verses a car most often happens on our freeways in Stockton. Personal injury lawyers acknowledge that taking photos may be difficult, even dangerous, in such circumstances. However, if possible, take photos of skid marks and the immediate environment surrounding the Stockton accident. But, our injury lawyers emphasize that your safety comes first. Don’t take any chances at the scene of an accident.

Injury lawyers add that it’s also important to exchange information – but no more than basic identification and insurance contacts. Personal injury lawyers caution against being angry or, even, apologetic as statements may later be use against you in court. This advice holds true for motorists as well as commercial drivers who are involved in a Stockton accident.

Attorneys, the media and public and the trucking industry are aware that in an accident with car verses truck, the smaller vehicle usually suffers the greatest harm. Our injury lawyers know the trucking industry makes sincere efforts to train, advise and support long haul and big rig drivers. Similarly, our injury attorneys say that motorists should also be more educated about sharing the road with trucks. There is no focused effort to better inform the public about sharing the road with big rigs in Stockton. Accident lawyers admit that there is more work to be done. But, since a family sedan is no match for a big rig on the freeways around Stockton, injury lawyers say it’s important for automobile drivers to recognize that size, power and speed can be a dangerous combination. At the same time, our accident injury attorneys know that professional drivers are educated and aware of their responsibilities behind the wheel of a big rig in Stockton. Our injury attorneys, like you, share the road with trucks that transport goods and materials important to our quality of life. It’s important to respect each other!

Stockton Accident Lawyers explain Liability

Liability is generally defined as an act or as an omission that resulted in harm to a person, according to Sette’s Stockton personal injury attorneys. But, liability is not a simple concept and accident lawyers representing an injured plaintiff must prove the defendant was indeed responsible for causing the accident in Stockton. A personal injury attorney is focused on winning fair compensation for the plaintiff who has experienced physical and financial losses as the result of an accident.

Our Stockton injury lawyers deal with a wide range of liability, from contractual to industrial accidents and car accidents. Injury attorneys specialize in this niche of law that is often challenging and complicated. For example, liability in a car accident might initially appear simple to establish. But, our Stockton personal injury lawyers know that many factors can affect the outcome of a lawsuit.

Let’s present a scenario: Our Stockton injury attorney gets a call from a woman, June, who was riding her bicycle through a marked cross walk when she was hit by a young man driving a truck. She tells Catherine, her Stockton personal injury lawyer, she thinks the driver was texting and didn’t see her. She received injuries to her neck and back in the accident. Her personal injury lawyer examines the medical report to verify this claim. June also gives her Stockton accident lawyer invoices for her mounting medical bills. She is clearly injured and financially harmed by the accident. It seems pretty straight forward, right?

But Catherine, her Stockton personal injury attorney is not so confident this is a simple case. Catherine asks June why she waited for two days before seeing a doctor. An experienced injury lawyer knows that the attorney for the driver will also question this hesitation. In our practice at Sette Law we emphasize how important it is that accident victims seek immediate medical attention. We know that some muscle injuries may not manifest for 24 hours or more, but our Stockton accident lawyers also anticipate the defendant’s personal injury attorney can allege the injuries were not caused by his client but perhaps happened earlier or after the accident. June’s accident attorney will have to firmly establish the direct link between the accident and the injuries in light of the fact that June didn’t ask for prompt medical attention.

And, there’s another challenge for June’s injury lawyer to tackle. The defendant says that June pulled out in front of him and that, after the accident, she apologized, saying she was distracted by a call on her cell phone. Her Stockton injury attorney now has to counter June’s statement – that could been regarded as admission of fault in the accident. Our personal injury lawyers know that the best response to an accident is silence! Anything beyond the exchange of basic information is discouraged. Based on experience with many clients, our Stockton accident attorneys know that emotionally charged situations like car accidents can lead to people saying things they will later regret. In June’s case, that polite apology adds to the other burden she’s put on her Stockton injury attorney. Now Catherine has to explain both the comment as well as June’s failure to get immediate medical attention.

Our Stockton personal injury lawyers know that no one can totally prepare for an accident. But, with a little presence of mind, victims can protect themselves after a Stockton car accident. Attorneys advise crash victims to document the scene with cell phone pictures or videos, to get badge and report numbers from law enforcement and to immediately call a Stockton accident lawyer. Keep emotions under control and conversation down to a minimum. Save the details for your personal injury lawyer.

Principle of Shared Liability
Stockton personal injury attorneys may also find that responsibility for injuries does not rest solely with the driver in a car accident. June’s lawyer, for example, may discover that the driver was delivering items for his employer in Stockton. Injury attorneys are well versed in Vicarious Liability in which an employer, under many circumstances, will share responsibility for an accident caused by an employee. When June’s Stockton injury lawyer has overcome the previous objections regarding her statements and medical condition, the injury lawyer may establish the Statutory Liability of the business owner who hired the delivery driver in Stockton.
Personal injury lawyers say that business owners assume a great deal of responsibility in such cases. But, if June’s injury attorney is successful in establishing shared liability, she will not be fully compensated for her injuries from each source. Instead, her Stockton injury attorney will seek to establish a reasonable shared percentage for each party.

Further Liability Risks for Car Owners in Stockton
Our accident lawyers say that owners who loan their cars to friends and family may face serious consequences if the driver is involved in an accident. Attorneys say this is true if the driver is just an acquaintance or a son or daughter. In the case of children, a parent may face a charge of Negligent Entrustment due to awareness the child was an inexperienced driver in Stockton. Our injury attorneys explain that parents are likely in a position to also know their child may be reckless and at risk of a car accident. Lawyers for an injured person may seek damages from a parent by showing relevant evidence and testimony.

There are a few classes of drivers that laws consider unfit to drive, including people suffering severe illness, those using drugs or alcohol and drivers lacking a license in Stockton. But personal injury attorneys say that many other factors contribute to liability for Stockton car accidents. Our injury attorneys face the complexities of liability law on a daily basis, even with an accident that on the surface appears to be open-and-shut for a victim of a Stockton car accident. Personal injury lawyers understand  the many requirements of proving liability, as well as the defense that will be offered by a defendant’s accident attorney. 

As Stockton personal injury attorneys we seek to represent the best interest of our clients through a thorough understanding of liability law and our highly effective legal practice.

Car Accidents – Stockton Injury Lawyers share their Insights

In Stockton, car accident lawyers experience first-hand, some of the crucial mistakes made by injured parties at the scene of an accident. The minutes after an accident are often charged with emotion that, our personal injury attorneys say, can either help or harm subsequent claims for compensation by injured victims in Stockton.

Car accident lawyers at Sette Law advise victims to remain calm, quiet and observant. We are familiar with the natural urge to be angry or even apologetic after a Stockton car accident. But lawyers explain that a simple apology might, in a court of law, be perceived as an admission of responsibility for the car accident. Injury lawyers, consequently, say it is wisest to say very little beyond the essential exchange of information after a Stockton car accident.

Conversely, lawyers advise accident victims to listen, observe and record the aftermath of the car accident. Our personal injury attorneys, like most people today, depend on their Smart Phones. Individuals involved in car accidents can also use the technology to capture details that a personal injury lawyer may later use to help them recoup medical costs and damages from the driver at-fault in the Stockton car accident. Our attorneys can reference photos and videos taken at the accident scene – cell phone pictures of damages, road conditions and other factors that may have played a role in the Stockton car accident. Lawyers (and law enforcement) know that human recall is often imprecise, particularly at after a car accident. Injury attorneys at Sette Law suggest people use the recording device on their phones to capture information, comments and observations at the scene. In addition, it’s helpful to record the names of law enforcement officers and report numbers to facilitate the work of our Stockton personal injury lawyers on your behalf.

No one wants a lengthy drama after a car accident. But, car accident lawyers say it’s important to be examined for injuries, either at the scene of immediately after. Personal injury attorneys know that if a plaintiff refuses medical care or fails to seek it, a defendant’s accident attorney may suggest to a court that you were not harmed in the car accident. Further, our Stockton car accident lawyers know that some injuries are often not immediately apparent. Whip lash (common in car crashes) may not bother a victim until days after the car accident. Our lawyers therefore advise victims to take the simple precaution of being checked out immediately after a Stockton car accident so lawyers have evidence of your medical concern.

When car accident victims can stay reasonable and focused in the highly charged environment of an accident, our personal injury attorneys can work faster and more efficiently toward a resolution that compensates victims for financial losses from a Stockton car accident.

Lawyers have High Bar to prove Driver Liability in Stockton
Accident attorneys must satisfy four principles to establish liability in a car accident. Courts, based on state law, want Stockton personal injury lawyers to present evidence of causation, harm, duty and breach – four core principles. Causation means that your accident injury attorney can directly link your injuries to the actions of the defendant. To support this claim, your personal injury lawyer may ask a medical expert to testify about the cause of your injuries. If that testimony supports your claim, your Stockton injury attorney will have satisfied this category for the court.

The defendant’s personal injury lawyer may allege that your injury is unrelated to the car accident – perhaps received before or after the Stockton car accident. Your attorney will seek to prove the harm was, in fact, directly related to the accident. The ability to present this kind of evidence is just one reason why  representation by a Stockton personal injury attorney is so important.

Much of the responsibility drivers share on the road is linked to the principle of ‘duty.’ Our Stockton injury lawyers say we all have an obligation to obey the rules of the road and operate vehicles safely. In fact, we often make the assumption that other drivers on the road will do so. But, as our accident injury lawyers well know, it’s not always the case. People do drive recklessly and with little regard for others on the road. Your Stockton personal injury attorney will work to affirm you, as the injured plaintiff, were driving in accordance to duty and that the defendant failed to do so.

This leads to proving breach – your injury attorney can establish facts about the plaintiff’s driving behavior that led to your accident. Lawyers may look at evidence from the scene of the crash – perhaps identifying skid marks that indicate high speeds, or submitting evidence the plaintiff tested positive for alcohol consumption after the Stockton car accident. Attorneys have access to reports and other evidence from police reports, as well as from witnesses.

A person injured in a car accident may feel their case is “open and shut” and opt to represent himself in court. But, our Stockton injury lawyers know that people without legal training and experience may find themselves overwhelmed by the legal system. Knowledge of court room dynamics and rules, the ability to satisfy the four court principles just outlined, and practice in examining witnesses and defendants in court, are attributes of qualified Stockton injury attorneys after many years of education and practice. Being able to step back from the emotion of an injury suffered in a car accident, a car accident lawyer can objectively look at the strengths and weaknesses of court room testimony and assess strategies to benefit the victim of a Stockton car accident. Injury lawyers have extensive experience in court, with juries and judges, and thus are able to work efficiently toward a resolution.

In addition, a personal injury attorney can protect car accident victims from potential abuse. Sometimes, without a Stockton injury lawyer, a defendant’s insurance company might offer a settlement that is less than fair to the victim of a car accident. A personal injury lawyer for the plaintiff can evaluate settlement offers to make certain the client is receiving just compensation.

In summary, our Stockton injury attorneys advise the victims of a car accident to apply the “listen-don’t-talk” strategy after an accident and make that all important call to a personal injury attorney.

Major Scandal: One of our main automakers knowingly allowed dangerous vehicles on the road to save .90 cents per vehicle

There is one last remaining arena where politics, money and influence cannot corrupt the outcome: the jury trial.   Checks and balances was the design of our three areas of government; legislature, office of the president, and the supreme court.  With the trend now going towards whatever party is in majority in legislature backing or opposing the party that’s in office of the president, and the presidential party being able to appoint Supreme Court judges, this system has well, failed itself.  The jury trial has not.

Congratulations to Mr. Smerconish for going against the trend and actually reporting the facts on a very significant matter, the failure of GM to recall their vehicle line.  This is an excellent expose of a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney spending significant money to find out why a young lady was killed.  And the result of this attorney’s efforts, as well as the expert that attorney hired, revealed a major scandal: that one of our main automakers knowingly allowed dangerous vehicles on the road to save .90 per vehicle.  Tragic.

Despite what you read about, factually void stories about spilled coffee, pants ruined at a dry cleaners, the fact is that most plaintiff attorneys endure the scour of society for the very reasons exemplified in this article: for the singular voice (in this case the middle American family of the young woman who was killed) could be heard and justice would be served.  Personally, this story alone fuels me to continue the very lonely war in pursuit of unrecognized justice.  

Semi Truck Accident Injures 3 Workers In Fix 50 Area

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A semi truck accident in the Fix 50 area has injured three workers, a California Highway Patrol official says.

Three crew members on the Fix 50 project were hit by a piece of wood from one of their own workers. A worker was going to place a beam near the guard rail. When he spun, it went over the retaining wall, where it was struck by a passing truck.

“A big rig traveling east bound struck the board, propelling it into other construction workers,” said CHP officer Michael Bradley

One of the workers, suffering from head trauma, has been airlifted to the UC Davis Medical Center. The injury doesn’t appear to be The extent of the injuries to the other two workers is not clear, but one has been taken to a nearby clinic, a Caltrans official tells CBS13. The other worker was treated at the scene.

Caltrans investigators will be looking at how and why the accident occurred. Work will continue on the project unless a safety inspector tells them to stop, Caltrans says.

The truck is still being sought. The driver may not have known they hit the board, and sent it careening into the workers.

Stockton Car Quake: Things to do after a car crash

Things to do after a car crash

1. First of all, try to not panic. In that type of a situation, cooler heads prevail, and the more you're able to deal with the situation, I think the better off you'll be. 

2. Secondly, ensure the safety of yourself and others. In California, if you're driving down the freeway, there are signs there that say if you're involved in a minor fender-bender, please move to the side of the freeway. And that's good advice. It it's situation where your vehicle is drivable, if you can move it, I would move it out of harm's way. In other words, if you're staying in the middle of the freeway, you're out of a vehicle, cars are going by, there's a high likelihood, a distinct chance that something else might happen, an another vehicle may hit you. So by ensuring the safety of yourself and others, if you can, move the vehicle out of any harm's way. 

3. Photographs are a good idea, if you get a chance before moving your vehicle, take photographs. All of us have phones now that you can pull out and take photos of pretty much anything, high quality photos. Take a photo of the damage to the vehicle, take a photo of the positions of the vehicle, take photo of the damage to your vehicle, all of these will help in the event there's a dispute to what actually happened.

4. Calling the police is a good idea, CHP a lot of times in the event there is no major injury they won't come out, they won't take a report. So you want to exchange all information with the other party. Most significantly, if there is somebody that saw the accident, comes up to you and says 'it's a horrible thing, it's not your fault', get that person's information. It's crucial. A lot of the times people walk into my office and they take it for granted that the police are going to find that witness, they're going to get the witnesses information and take a statement, a lot of time that doesn't happen. If you have a witness, get their name, get their phone number, get that address, you want to follow up with them in the even there's some dispute as how it actually happened. Other than that, you've done all you can at the scene, if you're injured, go get yourself proper medical care, and if necessary contact personal injury attorney in Sacramento like myself at the Law Office of Fred Sette a Auto Accident Attorney in Sacramento.  I can be reached at 916-710-8555 or fill out the contact form on our website.