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Petaluma Injury Attorneys Protect Victims’ Rights

People who have been harmed due to the negligent acts of another person often suffer extreme financial hardship and physical pain. It’s our job as Petaluma accident and injury lawyers to help victims regain their losses and continue to physically heal. As legal professionals were are keenly aware of how complicated our legal system is when it comes to personal injury law, and attorneys at Petaluma’s Sette Law firm know what it takes to navigate this challenging legal arena. Unfortunately, personal injury law requires attorneys who specialize in injury law and is generally well beyond the capacity of someone lacking a juris doctorate degree, along with significant experience in personal injury law.

Attorneys recognize that personal injury law is widely misunderstood and, even, maligned. Nonetheless, our Petaluma injury lawyers know that the clients we’ve represented are resoundingly grateful for our representation. Until a person experiences the painful and costly consequences of an injury accident, our attorneys know the importance of our expertise as personal injury lawyers may be underestimated. When medical costs, financial losses and physical harm are the result of negligence, it’s only right that victims of an injury accident have attorneys to help them recover to the fullest extent possible. Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers are committed to this singular goal and we are proud of our ability to serve the community as specialized legal professionals.

Unfortunately, people (and entities) seldom take responsibility for being the cause of an accident. Attorneys know that admitting culpability after an accident goes against common sense, and that most people adopt a defensive position – denying responsibility for an accident. Injury lawyers help accident victims to legally establish the facts and circumstances that caused injury. Our attorneys  are committed to bringing justice to people harmed by the negligent acts of others that have caused financial loss and personal injury.

Attorneys Outline Array of Petaluma Injury Accidents
Lawyers at Sette Law say the nature and variety of personal injury accidents our attorneys handle is almost endless.  Often, the only common element is that our client has received a serious personal injury. Attorneys say the most frequent causes include the wide array vehicle collisions, from truck and motorcycle, to car accidents. Lawyers for personal injury clients in vehicle accidents must clearly establish that a defendant has clear liability for the accident. Attorneys for the defense, on the other hand, will work to absolve their client of liability. Lawyers for the plaintiff may be able to prove a number of incriminating driver behaviors on the part of the defendant such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, breaking traffic laws or driving recklessly as contributing to the Petaluma accident and injury.

Attorneys also represent people who have been injured by medical malpractice. Lawyers explain that, although physicians may be the source of an injury, a hospital or representative medical professional such as a nurse or therapist, may also be party to medical malpractice. Injury lawyers admit this arena of injury law can be very complicated and the legal process lengthy. In addition, malpractice lawsuits may involve wrongful death. Our attorneys say the emotional burden is often overwhelming for the survivors of a loved one who was the victim of a malpractice wrongful death. Our lawyers add that medical malpractice lawsuits can pit an individual of family against health provider groups that unite to fight legal challenges, heightening the importance of engaging a professional and competent personal injury attorney.

Yet another arena of personal injury that lawyers frequently encounter involves defective products that have caused injury. Attorneys often work on behalf of individuals who may face teams of lawyers protecting their corporate client. On occasion, liability and accident lawyers will represent groups of clients who claim harm from a common source. Petaluma personal injury lawyers explain that defective product litigation can be further complicated by the possibility that more than one point in a chain of responsibility may share liability. Attorneys may identify, say, the designer of a faulty product, the manufacturer, the marketer or others involved in producing the defective product.

Personal injury lawyers also handle premises liability cases in which someone on private (or public) property has sustained a personal injury. Attorneys say the common ‘slip and fall’ accident comes under this category of personal injury. But lawyers are quick to caution that there is nothing “simple” about such cases. When someone is injured on private property, such as a retail store, an office building or a personal residence, the responsible owner (or manager) must be proven liable for the injury. Attorneys explain that negligence must be a factor. Here’s a brief example: A child drops a jar on the floor of a supermarket. Her mother picks up the glass, severs a finger and sues the store for her injury. Lawyers for the supermarket would rightly argue that the store owner had no knowledge of the danger and, therefore, could not have prevented the dangerous condition. Petaluma personal injury attorneys say that property owners are protected from frivolous and/or malicious lawsuits and claims of injury.

Attorneys Step Up for Victims of Injury
Lawyers who choose personal injury law as a focus represent individuals who, on their own, would have little chance of recovering losses caused by their injury. Our attorneys have dedicated many decades of education and active practice to building our expertise so that aggrieved members of our community can successfully recover financial losses incurred because of someone’s negligence that caused their injury. Our attorneys have a passion for the practice of personal injury law, coupled with a commitment to serve our neighbors in Petaluma. Our injury lawyers not only guide clients through an unfamiliar and daunting process, but we also provide people with comfort and confidence. An adept and experienced personal injury attorney can lighten the burden of an accident victim and help them to focus on the future. From the countless letters and comments received by our Petaluma personal injury attorneys, we know that our clients appreciate our work and benefit from our dedication to a proud legal profession.