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Stockton Injury Attorneys analyze Product Liability Law

In the U.S. there are high standards for the manufacturing process that help prevent products from causing personal injury. But lawyers at Sette law in Stockton know that this area of product liability is quite complicated. Although laws governing product liability may vary from state to state, our Stockton personal injury attorneys say that consumers are well protected. Should a product defect cause a personal injury, attorneys have several avenues to pursue on behalf of clients in Stockton.
Injury lawyers observe that most any participant in the entire manufacturing process may be held liable for a product defect that leads to personal injury. Attorneys may identify the source of a product defect, from its engineering and manufacture to the marketing and distribution, as directly causing a personal injury. And, lawyers say that it’s not just tangible goods that can lead to a Stockton injury. Attorneys say that products such as real estate, gas and even written material can be identified as the cause of a personal injury.

Attorneys and the courts often refer to a federal act designed by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce that offers voluntary guidelines for product liability. Because adherence to the Uniform Products Liability Act is ‘voluntary,’ our Stockton liability lawyers must consider state regulations and laws in individual cases of personal injury. 

Attorneys explain that although laws governing product liability are complicated, the underlying principle is simple: If an individual was using a product as intended at the time he or she was injured and the product specifically caused the harm, the manufacturer can be held liable for the personal injury. But there is a caveat – Stockton personal injury lawyers explain that the consumer also has a responsibility. He or she must read instructions and manufacturer’s warnings. Thus, responsibility is shared in the goal of preventing personal injury, and attorneys will seek to establish both requirements are fulfilled in a case of defective product liability. Lawyers say this is known as Strict Liability.

Attorneys further say that Negligence can also be a factor in a Stockton personal injury claim. Lawyers will seek to establish if all products in a category are defective, or if an isolated batch was responsible for the injury. Lawyers may look at the manufacturing process, packaging or even delivery of a defective product. Further, Stockton injury attorneys will assess the accuracy of warnings and instructions included with the product. Scrutiny by injury lawyers may extend to the marketers of the defective product that caused the injury. Attorneys will analyze the veracity of claims made in marketing materials – are those claims misleading or outright untrue? As you can see, at any step in the entire manufacturing process, personal injury lawyers can establish responsibility or negligence.

When in a court of law, Stockton personal injury attorneys can also solicit the support of expert witnesses to testify about specific aspects of a product in a liability and injury action. Attorneys practicing in this demanding realm of product liability must be able to grasp both detailed processes as well as general concepts on behalf of their Stockton personal injury clients.

Stockton Accident Attorneys review State Laws

 Stockton personal injury attorneys at Sette Law want drivers to be aware of state laws that may impact legal actions following car accidents. Attorneys say many people are not aware that all drivers of vehicles must have insurance, throughout California and in Stockton. Injury attorneys know that drivers, whether they are licensed, unlicensed or driving with an expired license are required to have insurance at least at minimum levels. Uninsured drivers involved in an accident risk losing their driver’s licenses for 12 months, according to Stockton accident attorneys.

Policies must cover the owner as well as people who may be driving their car. Our Stockton injury lawyers say state law requires $15,000 minimum coverage for death or injury and $5000 for property damaged in a Stockton car accident.  Our attorneys explain that it’s the insurer who pays damages awarded in a lawsuit related to a car accident.

Further, our injury lawyers explain that many accident lawsuits are not open and shut actions. Personal injury attorneys assist people harmed due to an accident – that harm may be medical costs, vehicle damage, income loss and, even, legal costs. In the case of a tragic death, Stockton injury lawyers can help families through a wrongful death lawsuit – gaining compensation for losses of love, financial support and future companionship. But, to provide this service to accident victims, our Stockton injury lawyers must meet a very high bar of proof that the accident directly caused the losses claimed.

Accident attorneys work to establish that a defendant failed to demonstrate reasonable duty of care that resulted in the Stockton car accident. Our lawyers say that plaintiffs often feel the cause of their accident is perfectly clear, but our Stockton injury attorneys remind clients that the defendant will also be represented by an injury lawyer who may argue that injuries were pre-existing or happened post-accident. If the debate is intense and can’t be resolved, it’s possible Stockton personal injury lawyers may end up pleading the case in front of a jury.

In addition, accident attorneys often face harsh questioning about the injury client from the defense. For example, a defense lawyer may allege the plaintiff did not get prompt medical care after the Stockton accident. Our attorneys must establish details such as this well before a case goes to trial. Or, the defense may claim the plaintiff apologized after the car accident. Injury lawyers know this is a tactic to create shared responsibility for the plaintiff’s injury. The attorney may even seek to shift blame entirely. Our Stockton personal injury lawyers must anticipate all these approaches and more to effectively represent our personal injury clients.

Our accident attorneys say personal injury actions are anything but “slam-dunk” and require deep legal expertise. Our Stockton accident attorneys know that most drivers are not naturally aware of the complexities of legal actions as the outcome of a car accident. Attorneys like ours have invested decades of education and experience to understand and navigate the legal system that manages California’s personal injury process. Lawyers at Sette Law stand ready to help accident victims recover financially and move forward.